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Office Chairs Buying Guide

Finding the Perfect Office Chair

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The office chair might be the single most important item in the workplace. If you’re spending your 9-5 sitting at a desk, it’s important that you have an office chair that provides you with the right amount of comfort and support to get you through the day. By finding a chair that suits your needs, you’ll save yourself from plenty of pain and annoyance that an uncomfortable office chair can bring.

So how do you know what type of chair is for you? There are plenty of options to choose from, and all it takes are a few moments of consideration to find exactly what you’re looking for.


Before You Buy An Office Chair

When purchasing an office chair, there are three things you must consider: style, comfort and functionality. It’s important to find a chair that blends all three factors, but you must decide what’s most important to you. Are you willing to sacrifice comfort for style? Do you want to break the bank for a leather office chair when a fabric chair might be more in your budget? Before you start shopping, make a list of things you want your chair to have, as well as a price range you feel comfortable with.



Comfort Office Chair

If support is your number one concern, you might be wise to look into a posture office chair or a high back office chair. Be on the lookout for extra padding and increased lumbar support to improve your posture. These types of inclusions will help keep your back feeling fresh and loose all day long.



Functionality Office Chair

Looking for an office chair that you can adjust specifically to your needs? Make sure you find one that provides you with the ability to adjust on the fly. Find an adjustable office chair that allows you to change seat height and tilt, as well as movable arm and head rests. The ability to tweak your chair’s specifications can make all the difference.



stylish Office Chair

Everyone wants an impressive looking chair, and it’s possible to find something highly stylish that provides great comfort and functionality. There are plenty of styles, colors and finishes that will maximize the ‘wow’ factor of your office chair. Looking for something sleek and modern, or do the words ‘big’ and ‘leather’ make your mouth water? It’s important to find an office chair that you feel good about sitting in.

Now that you’ve decided what’s important to you in an office chair, it should be easy to find a perfect fit. You’ll look forward to work when you have an excellent place to sit.

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