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Outdoor Fireplaces Buying Guide

Entertain Outdoors with Dimplex Fireplaces

Dimplex Outdoor Living Specta Fireplace

Getting the most out of your living space is becoming a top priority for many of us. Savvy homeowners know that a house you want to spend time in will increase the quality and quantity of family time. Hanging out at home will also save money on entertainment costs in the long run. One great way to keep your crew happy at home is a Dimplex outdoor fireplace on your patio or deck.


Dimplex Outdoor Fireplaces for Your Family

Having a fireplace outdoors, particularly a portable free-standing stove-style model, is a great choice for families because it can make an often overlooked area of your home suddenly an inviting space. Dimplex outdoor fireplaces, help you dine alfresco more often, taking advantage of the fresh air and removing the temptation to flick on the television during a meal together.


Keep in mind that with a portable model, you can move your Dimplex outdoor fireplace from one end of the patio to the other and accommodate your mood more easily. Your fireplace could follow you from dinner on your back deck to mugs of hot chocolate on your front porch.


Would you like to host relatives more often, but you’re not confident that your home will meet everyone’s needs? A Dimplex outdoor fireplace could be a step in the right direction if you’d like to entertain in more areas of your home. From houseguests to neighborhood visitors, you could be eagerly welcoming people into your home with no more effort than plugging in your Dimplex outdoor electric fireplace.


Table for Two Next to an Outdoor Fireplace

It’s just as easy to set the mood on date night – or any night – with a fire on your patio. Once you have the ambiance of a Dimplex outdoor fireplace on your deck or balcony, you’ll want to spend your next special occasion at home instead of heading out for an expensive meal in a noisy restaurant. Think about the spontaneity you can indulge in when a romantic bistro setting is just outside your door! Surprise your loved one with dinner on the patio before you could decide on a restaurant and call for a reservation.


Responsible Dimplex Outdoor Electric Fireplaces

The presence of a flame, with or without heat, is a naturally calming and relaxing influence on any setting. But did you know that Dimplex outdoor electric fireplaces have the added benefit of being a safe and green choice? Unlike a wood or gas stove, electric fireplaces are fume and odor-free, requiring no wasteful fuel. You have the added efficiency of shutting off your fireplace just as soon as you’re done with it, using no more energy than you actually want to.


If you live in a warm climate, you can still enjoy a Dimplex outdoor fireplace by selecting a model with optional heat, or no heat at all. Some Dimlex outdoor electric fireplaces feature a natural repellent system called CitroBlock that helps you keep the bugs away instead of creating an uncomfortable level of warmth. When you’ve found the exact right model customized for your needs, you’ll have a Dimplex outdoor fireplace that adds value to your home for years to come.

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