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Cribs Buying Guide

A Place to Dream, a Place to Grow: Creating the Perfect Nursery

Before you begin to decorate your nursery, there are a few simple steps you can follow that will make the process easier and help you keep obstacles to a minimum. While nurseries still follow the pastels-and-frills decorating philosophy, today’s trends also embrace bold colors and contemporary designs. As an expectant parent, you have a lot on your mind. Where to start? Here are some basic tips on how to create a safe and nurturing environment for your child.

Safety First

Select safety-standard furniture with rounded corners that is practical and easy to keep clean.

To ensure that your baby is as safe as possible, when buying a crib, keep the following safety features in mind:

  • a locking mechanism to secure the dropsides of the crib when they are lowered or raised
  • when dropsides are lowered, they should be 9” and when raised they should be 26” above the crib mattress’s support
  • the crib mattress should fit flush against the sides to eliminate any extra room that could lead to injury or harm
  • corner posts of the crib should be no higher than 1/16th of an inch to prevent your baby’s clothing from catching

Select paints and finishes for walls and furniture that are lead-free and non-toxic.

If you plan to include shelves or a bookcase, make sure they are waist high or placed at a safe distance away from either the crib or the change table to ensure that nothing can fall on your child.

Planning Tips

How much space do you have? Knowing the specific dimensions of the room you are redecorating will help you visualize exactly how to fill the space.

How much do you want to spend? Don’t forget to make a budget; it will help you focus on priorities and reach your goal.

A nursery is not just about the crib. Create a list of the furnishings you want to include in your baby’s room like a changing table, a dresser and a chair for you to sit in when it’s feeding time or story time.

Consider adding lots of storage. While the room is waiting for its new occupant, it might seem like you will have enough space, but soon you will need a place for clothes, blankets, accessories and of course, toys.

Other Useful Things to Keep in Mind

Check to see that any hardware has been hidden to prevent accidental scratching, and that dropsides and locking mechanisms are easy to use.

Select a crib with adjustable mattress height so that as your baby grows, it can be easily repositioned to the proper level. Make sure this feature is child proof.

A crib should be strong and stable; it shouldn’t wobble or shake.

Place the crib a safe distance from windows in the event of storms, etc. Ensure that your baby won’t be disturbed by direct sunlight or a streetlight.

Color your baby’s world with mobiles, toys, and stuffed animals.

If it is an option, choose hard floors with area rugs rather than wall-to-wall carpeting; it will be easier to clean and will cut down on allergy-aggravating dust.

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