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Patio Dining Sets Buying Guide

Cook Outdoors Wherever Your Portable Grill Can Go

napoleon freestyle eletrice grill

Imagine the convenience of taking a truly great outdoor grill on the road. You won’t need a pickup truck and you won’t spend hours getting ready to cook. With the right contemporary portable grill, you can have a fun-filled barbecue event wherever you want.


Rest assured that owning a portable grill has come a long way from hauling old coals around. Today’s more lightweight bbq grills are both versatile and effective. You might have pictured underpowered products when thinking of a portable grill before, but think again before you start to shop for your next outdoor grill.


Popular Portable Grill Brands


An adaptable Dimplex, Weber, or Napoleon grill can serve you just as well at home as it would on a camping trip or day at the park. Many grillers invest in their favorite brand at home, but opt for an inadequate, underpowered portable product that makes camping and picnic grilling a frustrating task. Contemporary portable grill designs now on the market mean that your brand name outdoor grill can do double-duty without sacrificing style or quality.


Weber grills are manufactured by a company that patented a kettle-style lid that provides the flexibility of all-weather outdoor cooking. A Napoleon grill comes from an experienced Canadian steel fabrication company. Napoleon is also known for fireplaces and other heating products that make them a trusted name in bbq grills as well. For greener eco-friendly electric grills, look for Dimplex portable grill models that can be augmented with extra shelves, a railing attachment, or a pedestal-style stand.


Outdoor Grill Accessories


In addition to a stand, attachment, or extra shelf, you might want a cover for your portable grill, regardless of how often you travel with it. Depending on your climate, exposure could be a serious issue. Keeping your outdoor grill covered while not in use keeps it protected from the wear and tear of weather and outdoor elements.


Grills can also be accompanied by rotisseries, side burners and basic or elaborate bbq utensil sets. Serious outdoor grill aficionados may want to add an array of these products to create a grilling ‘zone’ on a patio or deck.


Look for branded accessories if you have a favorite name in grill products. Weber grills can be accompanied by a Weber cover, grill brush, tray, extra grates and more. Your Napoleon grill can have a Napoleon cover, griddle, burner, or extra shelf.


A Charcoal Grill for Traditionalists


If the special flavor imparted by traditional coal briquettes is your top priority, you can still use a charcoal grill in a model that travels easily. Shop online and you’ll find new portable grill models that use charcoal fuel, in part or exclusively. The selection is much smaller, but you can choose a charcoal grill also fueled with gas for optimum grilling efficiency.


If your budget won’t accommodate purchasing two grills, one for your back yard and the other for camping trips, it’s a great time to think about a new portable grill. Invest in one really great Weber or Napoleon grill, and you’ll have a versatile outdoor grill that provides you with reliably tasty meals wherever you go.

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