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Coffee Tables Buying Guide

Coffee Table Furniture Buying Guide

Coffee Table Furniture Buying Guide

Coffee tables are not only a useful place to put drinks or magazines – they act as the focal point of a living space, normally surrounded by couches and/or chairs. When you think about it, they’re the perfect social gathering spot. If you’re in the market for a new coffee table, it may be difficult to find the perfect one, since there are so many kinds to choose from!

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1. Types of Coffee Table Furniture

  • Coffee or Cocktail table: The classic coffee or cocktail table is the best centerpiece to the living room, where it is surrounded by sofas, loveseats, or club chairs. Use it to place drinks, books, or even decorative items.

  • End table: These tables are the smallest, and used as a side table for chairs, couches, or beds.

  • Sofa Table or Console Table: With interchangeable names, the sofa/console table is normally as long as a sofa and placed behind it. It can also be used to line hallways and dining rooms.

  • Ottoman: Ottomans are padded, low tables that are often used as footstools. There are many club chairs and couches that come with ottomans.

  • Nesting Tables: Nesting tables typically come with three different sized tables that can stack on top of one another. Pull them out for more table tops, and push them back to save space.

2. Coffee Table Styles

  • Casual: If your living space is decorated comfortably, chances are it’s a casual style room. The design aspect is simple, with soft details and textures. Overall, casual style gives off a homey feel.

  • Contemporary: Contemporary style is fresh and up-to-date. It features a lot of curvature, and there are minimal details in the design.

  • Country/Rustic: This style normally features wood-comprised furniture with very little to no finishing. The country/rustic design is simple, modest, and natural-looking

  • Modern: Practical, clean, bold – these are the characteristics of modern style. Shapes and lines are straight and futuristic, with industrial elements.

  • Novelty: If you like to make a statement with original, odd pieces, you’ve got a novelty style! Flashy knickknacks and unique furniture models really make a living space stand out.

  • Traditional: If your living space is adorned with antiques that feature curved lines and hand painted wood, it is considered traditional. Its regal, classic style gives any room a charming flair.

3. Coffee Table Materials

  • Wood Coffee Table: The most common choice for tables is wood. They vary from birch, pine, and walnut, and most wood is veneered with mahogany, cherry, or maple. Wood offers excellent strength and endless versatility, which highly contributes to its popularity.

  • Glass Coffee Table: More and more tables are featuring glass tops, and even entire tables made of glass. The look is artistic, expensive, and on top of that, their surface is easy to clean. Look for tapered and/or oxidized glass because they are stronger than untreated glass.

  • Tropical Fibers Coffee Tables: Bamboo, banana leaf, rattan, sea grass, wicker…the list goes on. Tropical fibres are a great resource because they grow faster than wood, and are surprisingly strong. These materials give a room an exotic, tropical flair.

  • Metal Coffee Tables: Sturdy and clean-looking, metal is the perfect choice to compliment a modern or contemporary style room. It can also give off an old-world flair if you opt for brass or iron.

  • Stone & Slate Coffee Tables: Whether it is slate, granite, or marble, stone tables offer a regal, traditional look that gives a room a luxurious style.

4. Coffee Table Extra Features

  • Lift Top Coffee Table: This feature allows the top of the table to be lifted to offer extra storage, or to expand the length of the table.

  • Storage Coffee Tables: Certain tables are great for extra storage with their built-in drawers and shelves.

  • Book or Magazine Rack Coffee End Tables: Tables with racks below that are convenient for reading material.

  • Seating: Some tables come with extra seats that can be hidden underneath, in the same style as the nesting table.

Get your coffee table now, remember you get free shipping and pay no sales tax on most coffee tables!

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