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Stroller Accessories Buying Guide

Choosing the Right Stroller Accessories for Your Stroller

Stroller Accessories can enhance the stroller experience and make an outing with baby more enjoyable. Depending on your lifestyle and the type of stroller you have, you might consider investing on certain accessories.


Cup Holder

Perhaps the most popular accessory for a stroller is the cup holder. A cup holder attaches directly onto the stroller (often the handlebar) so that mom or dad can safely maneuver the stroller while a cup of coffee, a water bottle or soda can sits within easy reach.


Sun Filter, Mosquito Net, Rain Cover, Parasol

Depending on where you live and the weather, you might need to invest in an accessory that protects baby (and stroller) from the elements. A rain cover is a must-have for families who live in cities with high precipitation while those who live in sunny places (think Florida and California) would be wise to invest in a sun filter or parasol to make sure that strong sunrays don’t bother baby.


Seat Liner

These removable and padded liners allow you to customize the look of your stroller and make the ride cozier for your little one. Another benefit of a liner is that you can remove it and wash it as often as needed, thus keeping the actual stroller seat protected from spills and stains.



A footmuff helps keep baby warm and cozy in all weather conditions. Often designed by manufacturers to fit specific strollers or car seats, footmuffs should not interfere with the seat harness and should provide quick and easy access to baby.



A rider is a boogie board accessory that attaches to the stroller and allows an older child to ride along by standing on the back of the stroller.


Travel Bag

For families who travel often, a travel bag protects stroller and makes it easy to carry around.

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