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TV Armoires Buying Guide

Determining the Kind of Armoire You Will Need

What you want to use it for and in which room you will be putting it in will be the deciding factor in the kind of armoire you will need. Armoires fall into four main categories: the television armoire, the computer armoire, the wardrobe armoire and the jewelry armoire.

TV Armoires

Electronic equipment can distinctly alter the mood of a room by being noisy and providing distraction. TV armoires are ideal for furnishing a living room, den or bedroom where you want to maintain the room’s relaxed atmosphere, with the option of watching television when you want, but being able to hide it out of sight when you’re not.

TV armoires tend to be more compact than other types of entertainment centers and feature swinging, double-hinged doors that can be folded back on either side or slid inside the unit on a tract system.

Many TV armoires will have a fixed shelf for the television and adjustable shelves for other components. Make sure that your TV will be able to fit on the shelf properly, while providing adequate ventilation when in use and allowing the doors to be fully closed when it isn’t.

When purchasing a TV armoire, check to see if there is easy access that will allow you to connect your television and/or other components without too much difficulty.

While most TV armoires come with drawers, consider first what you want the drawers to store. Wide, deep drawers will be better for stowing clothes, bedding, etc.; narrower drawers will be more practical for holding DVD’s, CDs, VHS tapes, extra cords and the remote control.

If you are purchasing the armoire for the express purpose of being able to close off the television when you are not using it, keep in mind, while the most common types of TV armoires include doors, some do not.

Computer Armoires

Computer armoires are an intelligent, popular way to organize your computer workspace. All the things about a computer, such as the CPU, monitor, keyboard, and printer that can create a sense of clutter, are hidden away.

Computer armoires are not limited to the home office or the den. Since they are available in a variety of styles, types and configurations, you will be able to add a computer armoire to any room in your home, while maintaining the existing decorative flow and design theme.

Even the current largest monitors up to 30" will fit comfortably inside most computer armoires.

To guarantee that you will be comfortable while sitting at your computer armoire, select a pull-out keyboard tray that swivels and can be adjusted for height.

When selecting an armoire for your computer, check manufacturers’ product descriptions to confirm that the doors will open to a minimum of 270 degrees; this will allow the doors to sit flush with the sides of the unit and stay out of the way while you are working.

Aside from the most obvious difference of possessing the ability to be enclosed, computer armoires have features to keep you organized that ordinary computer desks do not. Many types of armoires include erase boards and/or cork board panels or file drawers/holders attached directly to the inside of the unit’s doors.

Take into consideration your specific requirements; choose a computer armoire that will offer the most versatility in the way of adjustable shelves and cubby holes of various sizes.

Wardrobe Armoires

It is easy to be fooled into thinking that the only place you will need a wardrobe armoire is in the bedroom. No built-in closet in the front hallway? No place by the back door to hang your coat? An armoire could be the right answer to your storage dilemma. Even if you do have a closet in your bedroom, it might not be big enough. Wardrobe armoires are a good way to add additional storage.

Add a clothing bar to turn the wardrobe armoire into a space for suits, shirts and blouses.

Because of the configuration of drawers and shelves, a wardrobe armoire creates an air-tight environment for your clothes, while allowing them to breathe. An armoire will also protect your clothes from sun and humidity.

Adjustable shelving inside wardrobe armoires allows you to store and organize a variety of clothing and accessories. When you no longer wish to use the armoire for clothing, it will give you the option of readjusting the shelves for another use.

If you can afford the space, consider selecting a deep case designed armoire; it will provide you with more storage than units of lesser depth.

Select a wardrobe armoire that has drawers lined in material such as silk or felt to minimize the possibility of scratching jewelry or other delicate accessories.

Wardrobe armoires, depending on their size, can be used as décor accent pieces in a guest bedroom, niche or even a bathroom, while providing additional storage.

Jewelry Armoires

Jewelry armoires are slightly different in design than any other type of armoire. Typically, they have a number of stacked drawers for storing jewelry and side doors complete with hooks for hanging necklaces.

Jewelry armoires are characterized by intricate carving and richly colored finishes.

A mirror on the outside or inside of the jewelry armoire will add to its functionality.

Often individual drawers are divided into compartments and lined in foam, silk or felt to prevent valuable rings, earrings and bracelets from being scratched.

What is the style of the room you are purchasing the jewelry armoire for? If your furniture is more traditional, choose a square shaped armoire; if your style is more modern, select an armoire half-round or rectangular in shape.

If you always wanted to add a vanity to your bedroom furnishings or change area, consider purchasing a jewelry armoire/vanity combination that will provide a place for you to apply your makeup, keep small treasures and store your jewelry.

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