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Recliners Buying Guide

Buying the Perfect Recliner

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You’ve made up your mind and decided that you’re going to buy a recliner. That was the easy part. Now it’s time to decide what type of recliner is going to suit your needs and fit in with the rest of your furniture. Before making a decision, here are a few things to consider before adding a recliner to your living space.


Since recliners first arrived on the scene, they’ve been associated with a high level of comfort. Because of the design – a reclining back and raised foot rest – it’s nearly impossible to find a recliner that won’t offer at least a moderate amount of comfort.


Leather or Synthetic


Reclining Rocking Chairs


One of the most obvious decisions you’ll have to make when choosing a recliner is whether to go with leather, microfiber or fabric. The most popular choice is obviously leather, which provides a sleek and sexy look and feel. While leather may be the most desired type of recliner, it is quite a bit more expensive and is susceptible to scratches. As an alternative, microfiber material can often do a great job of mimicking materials like suede.


Traditional, Rocker or Push-back Recliners


These are the three main types of recliners available. The traditional recliner is a two-position chair – either sitting straight up or reclined – and the person sitting is required to pull a lever or press a button to transition between sitting up and lying down. A rocking recliner combines the rocking motions of a rocking chair with the functionality of recliner. Finally, a push-back chair reclines without a switch or button. The person simply uses their own weight to push the back of the seat into a reclining position.


Recliner Size

Omnia Leather Reclining Sofa


Depending on the size of the room you’re planning to furnish, there are multiple size options available to you when you’re choosing a recliner. The majority of people are looking for a single-person recliner, and there are tons of models, brands and sizes out there. But what some people don’t know is that you can buy love seats and full-size sofa recliners. So if you have the space and you want to avoid a fight over who gets to sit in the recliner, a love seat or sofa recliner might be a smart choice.




Many recliner chairs today are available with extras including built-in cup holders, refrigerators, heaters and massagers. It’s up to you to decide which of these extra features you need.



The price of your recliner is one of the biggest factors when you’re buying a chair. If price isn’t a barrier, then a leather recliner with all the bells and whistles is a no-brainer. But if you do have a budget, you may have to make some difficult choices. Leather recliners are going to be more expensive than a microfiber or fabric. Extra features like the ones mentioned above are also going to cause the price to climb, so make sure you prioritize: is leather more important to you than having a built-in fridge? That’s for you to decide.

Adding a great recliner to your place can make all the difference in the world. It will undoubtedly become your favorite chair, as they are designed to provide maximum comfort. A recliner, the guilty pleasure of furniture, is the only option for those looking for the ultimate in luxury.  

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