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Slot Machines Buying Guide

Buying A Slot Machine: Hit the Jackpot From Home

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If you want to re-live the excitement, energy and adrenaline of a Vegas casino from your own home, then you can’t go wrong with a home slot machine. While your very own slot machine probably won’t net you any big winnings, it also won’t leave you writing checks you can’t cash. So what do you need to be on the lookout for when adding a one-armed bandit to your home?


Slot Machine Size

Slot machines are generally quite heavy, and will take up a fair bit of space in your home. An averaged sized slot machine will be around three-feet tall and a foot and a half wide, weighing around 100 pounds. You’ll want to make sure that you have a spot with ample space picked out, as you won’t want to be moving your new slot machine from place to place regularly.


Antique or Refurbished Slot Machines


When you’re buying home slot machines, you’ll never be able to purchase one brand new, as only casinos are sold unused slot machines. You’ll have to choose between either an antique slot machine, or a refurbished slot. Both come with their own pros and cons.


Antique slots should be researched carefully before you buy. Things to keep in mind when looking at an antique slot machine are:


  • How many of the original parts are still used?
  • Is the serial number still in place?
  • Is there still a cash box?


Because an antique slot machine’s value is directly tied to how many of the original parts still exist, it’s important that you ask questions like these so that you don’t end up getting over-charged. Antique slot machines are usually sought after by collectors, so if you’re just a casual player interested in owning a home slot machine, a refurbished one is your best bet.


Refurbished slot machines are casino-used slots that have been restored and tweaked for home use. While refurbished machines are usually a safer bet than antiques when it comes to functioning properly, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t research. You’ll also be able to find reproduction slot machines that are closely modeled after their real counterparts.


Slot Machine Legality and Payouts


Before you make your purchase, make sure to look into local law for home ownership of a slot machine. Ownership of slot machines is illegal in many areas, and you could be charged even if the slots only paid out Tic Tacs. Remember that any casino-style slot machine gambling in your home is considered illegal.


Home Slot Machines


Your best bet when buying a slot machine is research, research and a little more research. There are plenty of books and sites that clearly outline the various makes and parts of antique and refurbished slot machines, so go into a purchase armed with the proper information. A home slot machine can be great for parties or for personal pleasure, and is great way to re-live that casino atmosphere from the comfort of your own place. Poker Table Selection has a great selection of Solt Machines

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