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Sinks Buying Guide

Buying A Sink for Your Bathroom or Kitchen

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Between your kitchen and bathroom, you’re using a sink regularly throughout the day. From washing your face and brushing your teeth in the morning, preparing food for lunch and washing dishes after dinner, you’re constantly using the sink.


There are plenty of different decisions to make when it comes to choosing a new sink, from installation to style and material. Don’t rush into a new sink without giving it some careful consideration. You won’t have to choose between style and function, as the majority of modern sinks are a blend of the two.


Style of Sink


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For the bathroom sink, one of the most common selections is the wall-mounted sink. Very accessible, these are attached to the wall with frames and usually come in a fairly simple design. Vanity sinks are also a very popular choice. Sink vanities are mounted into cabinets that hold your toiletries, towels and other bathroom accessories. These are great for smaller bathrooms that need to conserve space. Bathroom vanities are often made from materials like wood, ceramic, but you’ll occasionally see stone or metal as well.


Vessel sinks are the most eye-pleasing of all the sinks. Very visually striking, vessel sinks sit on top of your countertop and come in a range of styles and shapes and depths. You’ll find glass vessel sinks, round vessel sinks, stone vessel sinks, vessel sink vanities… the list goes on and on.


For the kitchen, the most popular choice of sink is usually a stainless steel sink because they’re very easy to clean and pretty resistant to germs and bacteria. It’s important that you buy a durable stainless steel sink. Don’t go for cheap, thin steel sinks that bend and flex when pressure is applied. Find a thick and sturdy stainless steel sick that will hold its original shape. You will also find kitchen sinks made from enameled cast iron and composite acrylic and fiberglass.



A self-rimming sink have molded edges that overhangs and rests on top of the counter. These are easy to install but you’ll be able to see where the sink and countertop meet. A rimless sink attaches at the bottom of the sink for a seamless look. Rimless sinks are easier to clean, but the installation is much more difficult. A flush sink is built into the countertop, so you won’t have to worry about poor installation. The negative is that if you ever want a new sink, the entire countertop will have to be replaced.


Sink Features

Nameek Sink

For the kitchen, there are many different features you can add to your sink. A faucet sprayer for cleaning, a soap dispenser, a water filter for clean drinking water, a dishwasher drain and more. You can even find sinks that come with cutting boards attached. While the bathroom sink doesn’t provide as many features as its kitchen counterpart, you’ll have more stylistic freedom, as the bathroom sink doesn’t wear as many hats as the sink in your kitchen and has fewer responsibilities.

Because you’ll be using the sink so frequently, make sure you find one that suits your tastes and needs. The sink can be a beautiful and useful part of your home.

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