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Bedding Sets Buying Guide

Buying a New Mattress Made Easy

Simmons Beautyrest Anniversary Keegan Plush Firm Mattress

When it comes to shopping for a new mattress you may be tempted to go out and just buy one that is similar to the one you had before. But if you need a new one, now it the perfect opportunity to reexamine your requirements regarding a mattress that will be ultra-comfy while giving you the support you need and deserve.


Innerspring or Foam?


The core of an innerspring mattress is made of a coil system. The quality of support it provides is a result of several factors including the gauge of wire and the number of coils used in addition to how the coil system of the innerspring mattress has been configured. As a general rule of thumb, the more coils, the better the support. But, as already mentioned, quality construction methods and materials play a big role in the support the innerspring mattress provides.


When buying a foam mattress many people are aware that the higher the density of the foam, the more comfortable it will feel. However, the more important consideration as it relates to the mattress’s ability to support you is the Indentation Load Deflection (ILD) measurement. This indicates how much force is required to indent the foam. The higher the ILD measurement, the firmer the foam, and therefore, the more support it will provide. A quick test to see if a particular foam mattress is of good quality is to press your hand down on its surface and to note how quickly it reverts back to its original shape once your hand has been removed.


It Must be Comfortable


Choose a mattress that feels comfortable to you. Some people prefer to sleep on a firm mattress as opposed to “sinking” into a softer type mattress. The ticking or upholstery on top of an innerspring mattress largely determines its plush or firm feel. Regarding a foam mattress, typically one that is made of a higher density foam will be softer to sleep on than one with a lower density.


Mattress Size


Choose the size of mattress that is right for you or right for you and your partner. Too small and at best you can have an uncomfortable night’s sleep; worse case scenario, you might fall out of bed. By the same token, if it’s just for you, a king size bed might be too big, making you feel “lost.”


Types of Mattress Foundations


Choose the right foundation. While the mattress supports you, a good foundation will support your mattress, prolonging its life and adding to your comfort level. The five types of foundations are: box spring, foam, posture box, semi-flex grid and modular grid. A foam foundation is designed to support a foam mattress. A posture box is generally made of wood and has no coils, wires, etc. Because it has no springs, it will give the mattress a firmer feel with less “give” than other types of foundations. Most manufacturers recommend that you buy the box spring or foundation to match your mattress.


How Much?


Select the mattress that will be the best value for your money. How the mattress is made and how well it will support you are more important considerations than how it looks. On the other hand, don’t confuse the lowest price with the best value. Again, you want to focus on how well the mattress is made and if it’s going to last for awhile.

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