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Cutting Boards Buying Guide

Buying A Cutting Board – What You Need to Know

John Boos Reversible Wooden Cutting Board

The cutting board is quietly one of the more useful tools in your kitchen. If you prepare your own meals, there’s a good chance that you use a cutting board on a daily basis. Cutting boards and chopping boards will save your counters from unsightly nicks and scratches, and certain types of cutting boards will keep your knives sharper for longer. So don’t just use the first chopping board you see on the shelf. Put a little bit of thought into your purchase of this underrated kitchen accessory.


Wood Cutting Boards

John Boos Blocks Wooden Cutting Board

The classic board, wooden cutting boards have been used for ages and are the most common cutting boards around. Wooden cutting boards are the most aesthetically pleasing type of board, and higher-end wood cutting boards can be sanded down and refinished after too much wear and tear. Wooden cutting boards are also much easier on your knives than other materials. Wood won’t dull your knives as quickly, so you won’t have to worry about sharpening as often.


Perhaps the biggest thing in a wooden cutting board’s favor is its appearance. Wooden cutting boards can be custom made with intricate designs that will spruce up the look of your kitchen.


Wood cutting boards have a poor reputation when it comes to being sanitary, but it’s not totally deserved. Because wood boards are more prone to getting nicked up, there are more places for bacteria to hide. Wood cutting boards can’t be dishwasher cleaned, so it’s necessary to give them a thorough scrubbing with soap and water (sometimes with bleach), especially after they’re exposed to things like raw chicken. Sanitization of a wood cutting board is needed to prevent cross-contamination with other foods you’re preparing.


Plastic Cutting Boards

John Boos White Cutting Board

Plastic cutting boards are a cheap and efficient type of cutting board. If you’re looking for something effective and you don’t care about appearance, plastic cutting boards are the answer. Plastic is slightly more durable than wood, and is much easier to clean, as it is dishwasher friendly, although intense heat can warp the board.


The downside to is that they’re a bit tougher on your knives, and they’re not the prettiest thing to look at. Often quite generic, plastic cutting boards won’t win any style awards. But if functionality is your biggest concern, you can’t go wrong with a plastic cutting board. 

Glass Cutting Board

Glass cutting boards win big points because they’re by far the easiest to clean and maintain. Just throw them into the dishwasher and forget about them. Glass cutting boards are also incredibly durable, and don’t wear down like plastic and wood. You can find beautifully designed glass cutting boards that are incredibly pleasing to the eye.

The bad part about glass cutting boards is that they’re incredibly tough on your knives, and will dull them quickly with regular use. If you don’t mind sharpening your knives on the regular, then glass cutting boards are a great option.

Choosing a cutting board is a completely personal choice, and it will come down to what matters most to you: aesthetics, durability and cleanliness. More Kitchen Carts has a great selection of  cutting boards to fit your needs

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