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Bush BBF PH99501 Pro Panels Wall Starter Kit



(39% OFF)


Solid connections make for solid walls. Use these Wall Starters to keep your temporary walls firmly anchored. Features: Two connectors per kit, one upper and one lower; Hardware included for mount...
Bush BBF PH99590 Panel Connector (Hi-Low)



(47% OFF)


This kit connects a 66" Pro Panel unit to a 42" Pro Panel unit in a straight line. Features: Includes hardware to form one connection; Allows for a straight-line wall of varying heights for better...
Bush BBF ProPanel Connector In Line



(33% OFF)


Use these in-line connectors to connect two same-height BBF Pro Panels in a straight line, forming a solid wall. Features: Two connectors per kit, for upper and lower connections; Forms one connec...
Bush BBF PH99568 66 inch X Connector



(40% OFF)


Use this kit to securely connect four 66" high Pro Panels into an X shape, forming four individual work areas. Features: Includes one 66" high post; Connects four 66" high Pro Panels; Durable cons...