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Benches and Traditional Gym Buying Guide

Benches and Traditional Gym 101

Strength Training


Not exclusively the domain of males, strength training has proven to have great benefits for men and women alike.  While some guys have body-building aspirations, most of us simply wish to maintain our shape as well as keep our vigor up for the trials and tribulations of daily life. 


Experts recommend “resistance training” to weight lifting for those of with similar goals and especially those who are past the physical prime of their lives.  Rather than lifting the heaviest weigh you can a short number of times, resistance training involves lifting a moderate level of weight many times and in many sets until the muscles eventually fatigue.  This will reduce the risk of excess strain on the body and the risk of injury. 


Don’t forget – resistance training when combined with cardio accelerates weight loss!


If your aim is to build healthy musculature or maintain your physique, match your resolve with a weight bench or traditional gym equipment.

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