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Bar Stools Buying Guide

Bar Stools for Restaurants, Nightclubs, and Bars

At Cymax, we understand that bar stools that look great in the home won’t necessarily work in a commercial setting. Sometimes it’s a matter of durability – commercial grade bar stools need to stand up to a lot more wear and tear – and other times its simply style – there are obvious aesthetic and atmospheric differences between a busy club and a quiet home bar. That’s why we have assembled a comprehensive range of commercial bar stools designed to meet the diverse needs of bar and club owners, restaurateurs and café managers.

Night Club Bar Stool

Stools for nightclubs

When it comes to choosing stools for nightclubs, it’s important to consider the mood of the premises. A quiet, classy club calls for elegant seating – think dark hardwood or leather upholstery in rich browns and reds – while a louder, more youthful establishment might require bolder and more modern commercial bar stools -- striking chrome frames with black seats, perhaps.

Stools for bars

There are as many different types of bar as there are drinks served, but there are some running themes in commercial bar furniture. If you cater to a rowdier Friday and Saturday night crowd, consider the nightclub advice above. Alternatively, the homely saloon calls for something warm and inviting, such as commercial wood bar stools


Stools for cafes

The major difference in café stools and bar stools is height. Generally, stool seating in cafes – at window benches, for example – requires commercial counter height bar stools, which are shorter than typical bar height stools. Of course, you should always measure the height of the surface you plan to match your new bar stools with before committing to a purchase, and consult individual product pages for more detailed size information. You are generally advised to leave about 10 inches between the top of the stool and the serving surface, to allow for leg room.

Stools for restaurants

Restaurant bar stools tend to be used at serving bars in diners, or in smaller premises where it’s important to save space. To enable easy movement and socialization, consider a swivel commercial bar stool. Bar stools with back and arm rests make extended dining much more comfortable, while it’s also important to ensure your selection is stain resistant and easy to clean – stainless steel frames and easy-wipe leather upholstery can reduce clean-up time significantly.

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