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Baby Crib Safety Guide

Crib Safety for Each Step & Stage

Expectant parents in the market for a new crib have more choices than ever before. And with those choices come worries. As crib recall alerts bounce around the Internet and through word-of-mouth stories, parents want to do their research to ensure they’re choosing a safe, reliable crib product for their precious baby.

Adjustable Height & Drop Side Cribs

Orbelle Tian Three Level Standard Wood Crib in Espresso Parents new to the world of baby furniture and baby products may now be hearing the term “drop side” or “drop gate” in reference to cribs. Until recently, some cribs were designed with a single side that would easily unlatch and ‘drop’ to provide convenient access to the crib mattress. As the movable side was proven to be unsafe, drop side cribs have been banned in the US and Canada. Adjustable height cribs are the preferred solution to the problem of putting the crib mattress within easy reach.

Baby Crib Bumpers

Oilo Modern Berries Baby Crib Bumper in Spring Green Other products commonly discussed in relation to crib safety are crib bumpers. Studies have shown that a crib bumper must be designed to allow adequate air flow to the interior of the crib where baby sleeps. Bumpers that don’t allow enough air flow are believed to increase the risk of SIDS, although age range and many other environmental factors are also considered.

Safely Adapting Convertible Cribs

Stork Craft Carrara 4-in-1 Fixed Side Convertible Crib in Oak Today’s trends in sensible, high-quality cribs are usually of the convertible variety. These are beds that start out as a crib (albeit a relatively large one) and can be modified into a toddler bed (a small daybed with a safety rail), a daybed, and finally, a twin-size adult bed.

It sounds ideal, either for green reasons like not buying excessive amounts of new furniture, or for efficiency reasons like shopping once for up to 4 beds. Regardless of how many changes your convertible crib will accommodate, it’s important to read instructions carefully when altering the configuration of your baby’s bed. Ensure that you retain the instruction manual and all extra parts, stored safely, somewhere you’ll find them easily when the need arises.

If you purchase a convertible crib that doesn’t come with all the available rails and extra pieces, we recommend purchasing those parts separately at the same time as you buy your crib. Avoid disappointment and frustration if your crib and the parts that go with it are discontinued and hard to find by the time you need the conversion.

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