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A Gun Safe Buying Guide: Keep Your Firearms Secure

Mesa Safe Gun Safe

Firearm owners everywhere should have a quality gun safe where they can store their weapons and ammunition. If you have guns in the household, then it’s mandatory to store them in a place that will keep them out of the hands of curious children who don’t know the dangers of a gun, as well as intruders or burglars who are trespassing in your home. Unsure about what sort of safe you need, or the different options available? Let’s go over the different styles, features and functions of a gun safe.


Gun Safe Storage Space

The first rule of buying a gun safe is that extra room is always a plus. While you might find a safe that has just the right amount of room for your various firearms, extra space is always handy if you ever add to your collection or just for organizing purposes. In the case of gun safes, bigger is usually better. Also, take a look at the types of guns you’re hoping to store. If you’re only looking to keep handguns, a handgun safe or pistol gun safe are ideal. If you’ve got larger, high-powered rifles or shotguns, you’ll obviously need a larger safe that can store weapons with a bit more size. If you have a rifle that is 58” inches long, you’ll want to find a safe that is at least six inches taller.


Safe Wall Thickness


The thickness of your gun safe’s walls is incredibly important. The thinner the walls of the safe, the less secure your guns and other valuables are. Lower-end safes will have thinner walls that can be penetrated by heavy-duty power tools. Thicker walls are also beneficial if there is a fire in your home. If there are support beams or other roofing coming down, thinner walls are more likely to split or crack under the weight, leaving your things open to fire, and in all likelihood, damage or complete destruction. 


Gun Safe Lock Mechanisms


First Alert Executive Gun Safe

While purists will say that the only choice is a combination lock, there are other options to choose from. For years, combination locks were considered to be a much stronger lock than electronic ones, but in recent years electronic locks have made giant strides. A combination lock is the industry standard, and while they may take more time to open, they’re usually more stable and trouble-free than other types of mechanisms.


If you choose an electronic keypad lock, make sure not to go the low-end route, as the buttons can often wear out or stop working. High-end electronic gun safes are a convenient and durable option. If you’re looking for a more high-tech (and super cool) option, try out a biometric gun safe, which requires a thumb print ID to open. The last type of security gun safe is a simple lock and key mechanism. If you have a good hiding spot for the key, these are a quick and trouble-free mechanism. 


Gun Safe Features


American Furniture Classic Wooden Gun Safe


There are a multitude of gun safe features that you can choose from, depending on what seems important and convenient to you. The majority of gun safes come with adjustable shelving that will help you create space and organization inside the safe. Interior carpeting is often available, as well as interior lighting to help display your collection even in a poorly lit or dark room. Rotary racks are a great way to store your guns, as they are awesome space savers and allow you easy access to whichever firearm you choose, while door racks provide you with additional storage space.


If your collection is a mix of handguns, rifles and shotguns, then handgun racks and on-door storage allow you to keep your weapons separated. Finally, you can choose gun safes that are specifically designed to be either fire proof or water proof to prevent damage from any natural or household disasters.


Take the time to research a variety of different gun safes, and you’ll be able to find one that meets your specifications and needs. You’ll feel secure knowing that all of your firearms are locked up and protected from unwanted visitors.

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