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Exercise Bikes Buying Guide

Work Your Legs with Affordable Exercise Bikes

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Fitness and wellness are becoming a higher priority for more and more of us as the pace and demands of our lives keep rushing forward. If making time for the gym has become more stressful than helpful, it might be time to think about a residential exercise bike.


Like other popular pieces of fitness equipment, the variety of exercise bikes on the market can make it tough to understand features and then decide on the right product. Which bike is a fit for your needs? How can you be confident you’ll choose the best combination of features? Will you end up spending too much? Or too little?


Basic Upright Bikes


If you’re really stumped on where to start, ask yourself the straightforward question of why you want an exercise bike. Are you making a lifestyle change? Does this change come after a health problem or injury? A simple upright exercise bike may be right for you if you anticipate going slowly and starting with lower workout frequency.


Keep in mind that to achieve results from an exercise bike, you’ll want to use it regularly. If you purchase a bike that you find confusing or difficult to use, you won’t get your money’s worth no matter how good of a deal it was.


Spin exercise bikes are available in entry-level economical models or sophisticated professional quality machines. The design element that makes spin bikes different is a weighted flywheel intended to simulate the rhythm of the road. Are you particularly interested in replicating the road or are you only interested in results? Will you notice the difference in how the bike feels?


As with other machines, spin exercise bikes come with many features. Adjust the resistance level with a belt-style strap, or in the case of magnetic exercise bikes, a powerful magnet. While manually adjusted strap wheels make a spin bike more economical, they are much less resilient and can be worn away by extensive vigorous use.


Programmable Exercise Bikes


Some fitness fanatics are just nuts about features. The technology available for many exercise bikes certainly doesn’t disappoint. Programmable exercise bikes are so named because you can select your settings, often planning ahead exactly when you want your bike to change something. Control your heat and sweat levels with a fan or monitor your heart rate to achieve optimum results from your workout.


Someone with a disability could benefit from customized recumbent exercise bikes with swing arm and step through design for easy access to seating. Recumbent bikes are a good choice if you need back support and some models are specially designed to accommodate larger body types as well.


The Lasting Power of Commercial Bikes


When shopping for an exercise bike for a private or membership-based gym, you’re going to need to set the bar a bit higher for durability. How frequently will the bike be used? Constant traffic or semi-daily use? Commercial exercise bikes are a bit more expensive, but they’re designed to endure the ruthless wear and tear of many, many, users, all of which are aware they’re not responsible for the bike’s maintenance.


Commercial exercise bikes, from the perspective of lasting value, can be a great deal for home cyclists as well. Residential exercise bike owners might want to think about a commercial bike that could be a long-term investment in quality fitness.


In the end, whatever budget you’ve set for yourself, no matter how modest or extravagant, there are plenty of exercises bikes to choose from. One is bound to be right for you.

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