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Fireplace Inserts Buying Guide

Upgrade to Electricity with a Dimplex Insert

Dimplex Deluxe Insert


Is your old fireplace not quite charming you the way it once did? If you’re looking for ways to enjoy a fire without chopping wood or cleaning ashes, you should absolutely consider a Dimplex electric insert.


Dimplex fireplace inserts offer a more realistic fire than ever before with life-like 3D flames and simulated ember-speckled wood logs that look just like the real thing. Some owners find that their fireplace seems to pulse and glow, even when both fire and heat are turned completely off. You may be able to enjoy your fireplace without using any energy at all!


The elegant design of a Dimplex insert can make an old fireplace look contemporary with simple black frame and clean glass cover. For a more old-fashioned look within a character or heritage home, choose a Dimplex deluxe insert with antiqued cast trim. Complete with a mesh spark screen, the antiqued cast trim model has an authentic feel.


Safe and Green Dimplex Fireplace Inserts

Many homeowners have stopped using traditional brick and chimney fireplaces because of the fire hazards they pose through creosote build up and stray embers. If you’ve refrained from having a fire in your old fireplace due to safety concerns, a Dimplex electric insert is a great alternative to help you recapture the atmosphere you once enjoyed.

You may be considering converting a wood fireplace due to health concerns. If you or any other family member suffer from asthma, allergies, or other form of respiratory illness, the fume-free, odor-free operation of a Dimplex electric insert is a great solution to help you get rid of the smoke, but keep the fire.


Most homeowners are also concerned with energy efficiency, so you may be interested to know that Dimplex fireplace inserts require a fraction of the energy that most wood and gas fireplaces would consume. Many inserts feature LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) instead of incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs provide vivid color, use very little energy, and last a very long time. Once you switch to a Dimplex deluxe insert with LED logs, maintenance and energy costs will be much lower than wood or gas fireplaces.


Replace an Old Electric Fireplace with a Dimplex Insert

Perhaps you already chose electricity for your fireplace many years ago. But now, your fan is noisy, the lights have weakened and you’ve noticed general wear and tear on the frame or glass cover. It might be time to replace your electric fireplace with a Dimplex insert to restore the original brilliance of your fire. With today’s technology, you’ll likely have a fire that looks and works better than ever.


Consider safety for an old electric fireplace as well. Upgrading with a new Dimplex deluxe insert with LED logs will improve the look of your fire, but will also remove any concerns you might have about old wiring or bulbs.


Regardless of why you’re considering a Dimplex electric insert, the process can be relatively painless for gains in appearance, safety and efficiency. Once you have the size and style decided, selecting a Dimplex insert should be relatively straightforward and offer lasting benefits.

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