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Types of Strollers

Mia Moda Umbrella Stroller

Strollers. The options can be perplexing. Our handy overview will help you figure out what’s out there and what would work best for you.



Umbrella strollers are extremely popular with on-the-go parents because they fold easily and fit into tight storage spaces like car trunks and overhead compartments. Featuring curved handles (hence the name), umbrella strollers offer less comfort and features than larger strollers but are ideal for caregivers who travel often by bus, train or car since they occupy less space and can be easily folded and tucked away.



While there is something to be said for a sturdy, heavy stroller that will last for the duration of a child’s need, the practicality of a lightweight stroller cannot be undermined. And lightweight strollers no longer describe the basic umbrella stroller either. Indeed, today there are many lightweight strollers that offer some of the same features as larger strollers, including storage space, multiple reclining positions, adjustable handlebars and stylish accessories.



If you’ve seen a period movie set in England and that involved babies, chances are you’ve seen what a pram looks like. Traditionally, these old-fashioned baby carriages feature large spoked wheels and a bassinet-style sleeping space. Prams are ideal for newborns, since they need to lie down when they ride around. Beautiful and offering a certain classic vintage image, prams are safe for babies up to three months old.


Today, many modern strollers offer a bassinet attachment that provides your baby with a similar pram experience.



Popular with new parents, these traditional strollers include a detachable color-coordinating infant car seat carrier. Instead of waking baby to take him out of a car seat and put him in the stroller when you leave the car to run a quick errand, the travel system lets you easily pick up the carrier and attach it directly onto the stroller. While practical in the first few months, many parents complain that travel systems are heavy and impractical for folding and storing in the trunk of a car.



Similar to a travel system, a convertible stroller grows with your child from the newborn to toddler stage. Convertible strollers feature a seat that folds back so the newborn can ride flat. The seat back can be folded up at around six months when the baby can sit upright. Though these strollers can be on the pricier side, keep in mind that you will be able to use it well into the toddler years.

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