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Recliner Slipcover Buying Guide

Sure Fit Stretch Pique Recliner Slipcover

When you’re purchasing a new recliner, most likely the last thing on your mind is also purchasing a recliner slipcover. But, after all, you invested good money in your recliner, and recliner slipcovers are easy and inexpensive ways of protecting it from any mishaps such as wine stains, pets and sticky fingers (the juice or jam kind). A recliner slipcover is also the ideal way of giving your old recliner, with its fading pattern or color, a little pick-me-up, saving you the cost of replacing the reclining chair itself.  A well-designed slipcover is a great way to expand the life of your recliner and adding a touch of peace of mind. Should this idea appeal to you, here are a few things to look out for when you’re shopping for a new recliner slipcover.


Recliner Slipcover Size and Type

Since not all recliners are the same size, the first thing to do when shopping for a chair cover for your recliner is to take measurements if you don’t know them already.

Some manufacturers produce slipcovers that fall into three general categories: small, medium and large. These types of recliner slipcovers typically contain some kind of stretchy material such as spandex.

When shopping for the right slipcover size, also look for the right type for your particular reclining chair. Since different types of recliners incorporate different types of hardware, make sure that the recliner slipcover has openings for levers, etc. that correspond to where they are located on your chair.

Some types of chair covers, like sure fit oversized recliner slip covers, include pockets for magazines, remotes, etc.

Recliner Slipcovers Material and Style

Popular materials for recliner slipcovers include polyester, fleece, cotton, canvas and cotton/polyester blends. If you don’t want to be always sending your recliner slipcover off to the drycleaners, choose one that is machine washable.


Decide what you would like your new recliner slipcover to accomplish. Recliner Slipcovers come in a variety of colors and patterns. If you would like to add another dimension to the room’s décor, select a recliner slipper that has a pattern. Whether you’re buying a patterned recliner slipcover or one that is a solid color, ensure that it will complement the other colors in the room.


If you want to change the look of the room your recliner is in with the season, plan on purchasing two or more recliner slipcovers in different colors and patterns.

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