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Poker Accessories Buying Guide

Poker Accessories: Take Your Game to Another Level

JP Commerce 6 Deck Dealing Shoe


The basic items you’ll need for a poker game goes like this: a table, chairs, a deck of cards and a set of chips. While these are the mandatory items you’ll need for a game, that doesn’t mean you can’t add poker accessories to enhance your poker experience. While this list of poker table accessories isn’t set in stone, each one of these items adds something to your poker game.


Dealer Buttons


JP Cpmmerce Dealer Botton Poker table

Dealer buttons are always a handy addition to any poker game, even if they aren’t absolutely necessary. The dealer button is a small disc with the word ‘dealer’ printed on both sides. The dealer button is used in every single hand of a game, and keeps track of which player is dealing that particular hand. Wherever the dealer button is on the table also indicates who are the big and small blind. The dealer is also the last player to act after the flop – the most advantageous position in the game.


You can even find buttons with a digital time to keep track of raising binds. Dealer buttons are a useful item that can help make a game progress quickly and smoothly.


Automatic Car Shuffler and Dealing Shoes


JP Commerce 4 Deck Automatic Card Shuffler

While most poker aficionados will be adept at shuffling a deck, it’s not true for the average poker player. Plus, some high-level players prefer an automatic shuffle just for legitimacy’s sake. An automatic card shuffler will mix up the cards perfectly every time, so there’s no risk of accidents or cheating. Automatic card shufflers will speed up the game and they’re extremely easy to use.


Another underrated aspect of an automatic card shuffler is that they’re fun, plain and simple. Watching the cards shuffle and listening to the whirring sound shuffling produces is like a game in itself, and provides nearly endless idle amusement.  


A deck dealing shoe is another great way to speed up the pace of a poker game. You’ll be dealing cards as quickly as any Vegas casino dealer. When partnered with a discard tray, you’ll be able to keep fresh and dealt cards separated and organized in a quick and timely fashion.


Poker Chip Racks


Poker chip racks are another helpful poker accessory, as they can be used during play or simply as a method of storage. You can use a poker chip rack to keep your chips in order while you play, so you’ll be able to quickly calculate just how much loot you’ve pulled in. As a storage unit, poker chip racks are pretty self-explanatory; keep your chips organized and safe while you store them until the next game.


Additional Poker Accessories


Poker table accessories like cup holders and ashtray inserts will protect your poker table top from cigarette burns, ash, perspiration from cold bottles and even accidental spillage. Drinks, snacks and smokes are commonplace at many a poker table, so keep things looking fresh with these accessories.


A poker game really only needs a deck of cards, a set of chips, and a set of players. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make additions that will likely improve the atmosphere and pace of the game.

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