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Patio Heaters Buying Guide

Party on the Patio with Dimplex Heaters

dimplex backyard radiant heater

Would you like to spend longer hours on your balcony or patio, for more of the year? If so, you’ve probably been thinking about heating options. Have you looked at space heaters that aren’t adequate for an outdoor area? Redefine your idea of portable heat with a Dimplex backyard heater.


Dimplex heaters come in clever wall mounted and under umbrella designs that can convert a wall, pillar, or patio umbrella into a source of comforting heat. The days of getting chilled to the bone simply by spending time on your balcony or patio can be over in as much time as it takes you to hang a picture.


Whether you install one or more, your Dimplex patio heater doesn’t have to be a dominating presence wherever you want an extra heat source. The simple and efficient design of these heaters means that the only change in atmosphere will come from pleasant warmth.


Compact Dimplex Heating

Are many of the patio heaters you’ve seen much too large for your space? Many outdoor heaters are designed for commercial patios or spacious suburban back yards. Don’t worry; Dimplex heating products have the urban dweller covered too. For tight outdoor spaces, Dimplex electric heaters can be a great place to start.


In the most compact downtown apartments, a balcony can be a precious part of your living space. You don’t have to limit yourself to great weather or summer months to enjoy time outdoors at home. Choose a wall mounted Dimplex backyard heater to create a peaceful spot for reading, sipping coffee, or simply enjoying a great conversation.


If you rent, don’t be afraid to add a Dimplex patio heater to your exterior since you can easily take it with you when you move on. You may be surprised as to how much added enjoyment you’ll experience at home when you have the simple touch of an outdoor heater.


Environmentally Friendly Dimplex Electric Heaters

Having heat in your backyard used to mean burning wood or gas. While these are effective sources of heat, they aren’t the best choice for the planet in terms of fumes and resource consumption. Choosing a Dimplex electric heater uses the current already travelling to and around your house, so there is no wood to chop or tanks to replace.


Another advantage to choosing a wall or umbrella mounted outdoor heater is that small children can roam freely and your Dimplex heaters keep elements far away from curious little fingers.


Reliable Ceramic Dimplex Heaters

A Dimplex backyard heater is powered by durable, weather resistant ceramic elements. These innovative elements provide warmth regardless of the temperature and operate silently, some without the distracting presence of light.


Ceramic heaters provide targeted infrared warmth for the space around them, rather than heating air as it blows away. Because of these ceramic elements, Dimplex heaters are known for generating a natural feeling of warmth, heating your outdoor space much as the sun would.


Most importantly, today’s Dimplex heating solutions can warm spaces you never thought you’d have extra heat, making your home just a bit more livable day to day

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