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TV Armoires Buying Guide

How to Buy a TV Armoire

The most popular places for a TV armoire are the bedroom and living room, because the television can be hidden away when not in use, preserving the flow and mood of the room’s décor. TV armoires are typically designed to house smaller-to-medium-sized televisions, ranging from 34” to 37”. A TV armoire is an easy and convenient way to incorporate a television into a room’s décor while adding a touch of style and sophistication to the room’s design. If this sounds appealing to you, this brief guide outlines some things to consider when buying a TV armoire for your home.

TV Armoire Size

A TV armoire can be a viable alternative to a larger sized type of entertainment center. Particularly if you are decorating a smaller room like a den or a second bedroom, there might not be enough space to accommodate a standard entertainment center. Still, no matter how compact, you will want to measure the area where you want to put the TV armoire.

Know the size and weight of your television. Also measure any accompanying pieces of equipment you want the armoire to hold; you don’t want to buy a TV armoire only find the television and/or DVD player won’t fit.

TV Armoire Style

In addition to its convenience and functionality, a TV armoire gives the room it’s in a certain distinction or sophistication, which is definitely part of this piece of furniture’s appeal. Since you will most likely be buying it for an already decorated room, you will want to select one that complements or matches the décor. You may have fallen in love with the beautiful oak TV armoire but does it go with you lighter colored contemporary living room furniture. A mahogany TV armoire would be perfectly at home in a traditional style den. Looking for one for your casual country styled family room? A pine TV armoire or an antique white TV armoire might be the perfect choice.

TV Armoire Features

Do you want a TV armoire with drawers and adjustable shelves? Would you like it to have several compartments intended to hold one or two additional components? Because TV armoires come with a number of different feature combinations, make sure that any armoire you purchase includes the specific features that will most useful to you.

Depending on the kind of drawer, the drawers of a bedroom furniture TV armoire can also be used for storing clothes. If you would like to be able to store articles of clothing in your TV armoire, select one with wide, deep drawers. On the other hand, if the armoire’s purpose is more entertainment center than wardrobe armoire, narrower drawers will be better for storing DVD’s, CDs, extra cords and remote controls.

There are different types of TV armoire doors that open to different degrees. A TV armoire with double-hinged (270 degree) doors can be folded back on either side of the unit. This allows you to watch the television without them getting in the way. On the other hand, a TV armoire with doors that open to 90 degrees will only open straight out.

Examine how the inside of the TV armoire cabinet has been configured. Aside from a fixed shelf intended to hold the television, it can have a combination of compartments, cubbies, drawers and one or two adjustable shelves.

Ensure that access panels, wire management, etc, is readily accessible and user-friendly.

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