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Grilling Tools for Serious Chefs

weber 200-300 series gas grill

Having the right grilling tools for your grill will result not only in a more enjoyable cooking experience but also tastier food and an easier job of getting the grill cleaned. Here are some tips on what accessories to invest in, including outdoor grilling tools, for the ultimate grilling experience.


Think about what kinds of food you will be cooking on the grill. If you’re planning to cook eggs, ham and bacon on the grill, start looking at outdoor griddles. If fish and chips are your thing, then a fry basket is essential.


Cast iron frying pans and roasters make great additions to your arsenal of grilling tools. Other items you might consider are turkey fryers, thermometers, a kabob set, roast holders and serving trays. In terms of specifically outdoor grilling tools, products include propane tanks, tank carts, wall or railing mounted shelves, and portable sinks.


Grilling tools can also refer to flavor enhancing equipment like cedar wood planks, sauce brushes, and even seasoning injectors to take marinating to a new level. After seasoning, you might also want to speed up cooking time with a rotisserie or grilling rack. Try roasting your vegetables on the grill as well using a specialized basket or tray.


The Perfect BBQ Tool Set

Last, but never least, you’ll want a snazzy BBQ tool set. These sets vary in size from 3 to 20 pieces, but all typically include over-sized versions of a turner, a double-pronged fork, and a pair of tongs.


Whether you go as basic as a 3-piece tool set or opt for all the bells and whistles, you’ll find trusted brands like Weber grilling tools. Meanwhile, serious chefs can splurge on a substantial set, such as Picnic At Ascot Master Griller 20 Piece Grill Tool Set. And don’t forget a barbecue apron!


A BBQ tool set is a popular gift, but as such, many inexpensive poor quality sets are on the market. To ensure you find a BBQ tool set that will last, look for high quality stainless steel pieces.


Once you’ve got your tool set in hand, you’ll be free from going back and forth from your backyard to the kitchen. Instead, you’ll have all the grilling tools you want right where you need them.


Prevention and Care with Grilling Tools

Your grill will last much longer if you take proper care of it. To clean your grill, use cleaning products made especially for grills. No matter what type of cleaning grilling tools you choose, you need to use them every time you use your grill.


A brush and scraper specially designed to clean a barbecue grill effectively is indispensable. Keep in mind that hardier outdoor grilling tools are available if you plan to leave your brush, scraper and tool set outdoors with your grill.


If your grill did not come with a cover, it is highly recommended that you purchase one. For whatever type of outdoor grill you own, grill covers are an essential tool in keeping storms and harsher winter weather from ravaging the surface and components of your grill. Grill covers will protect your grill from rain, snow, sun and dirt. Without a cover, your grill may suffer from corrosion and rust. Wood parts may fade and split over time.


With the right grilling tools at your disposal, food preparation, cooking, and clean up will all go smoothly to keep you enjoying the grilling experience for many years.

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