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Grilling Glossary

Basting: A method of moisturizing meat by re-coating it periodically in its own juices.

Briquettes: Small, densely packed brick-like nuggets of charcoal or wood, used for fuel and flavor in grilling, specifically with charcoal grills.

Brochette: The French term for ‘kabob’ or skewer.

Charcoal: As grill fuel, charcoal is ground, combined with coal dust and starch, and packed into small briquettes.

Direct grilling: Placing food in contact with the grill rack, directly above the heat source for faster cooking.

Weber Summit Grill Drip Pans

Drip pan: Designed to catch juices and sauce that trips from cooking meat. These pans are usually disposable and made with a thin aluminum, but reusable steel or iron models are also available.

Firebox: Part of any grill that contains the fuel and heat source.

Flare-ups: When grease or fat falls from cooking meat and makes contact with the fuel source, it may create a brief and intense flame as it burns off.

Fryer: A pot designed to hold boiling oil for submerging and frying food.

Gas: Propane or natural gas may be used as grill fuel, in tanks or plumbing respectively.

Glaze: A glossy coating of flavor on the surface of cooked meat.

Weber Cast Iron Cooking Grates for Genesis Silver B and Spirit E-310 Gas Grills (Set of 2)

Grate: A grilling surface, usually rows of metal bars, made with stainless steel, cast iron, or porcelain.

Grill basket: A wire or metal rod basket designed to hold small pieces of food that might otherwise slip through the openings in a grill grate.

Grill brush: A bristle brush made with wire or firm plastic, designed to clean and scrape the surface of a grill rack.

Indirect grilling: Food can be placed on a rack off to the side, out of direct contact with a heat source, then covered. This is done to extend cook time for additional flavor or desired consistency.

Kabobs: Rods made of metal or wood designed to spear food for grill cooking. Also see ‘skewers’. Often sold as kabob sets.

Kettle: A traditional grill design featuring a round shape and a heavy cover. The bottom half often has a pail-style handle for suspending the kettle over a fire.

Lava rock: Natural volcanic rock used in grilling. These briquettes are an alternative to ceramics in that they retain heat; however they eventually need to be replaced.

Marinade: A sauce for soaking and flavoring meat.

Marinating: The process of favoring meat with a marinade solution.

Medium: Meat cooked to a pink color and firm to the touch.

Medium-rare: Between rare and medium, the meat has a warm red center; and firmer than rare.

Medium-well-done: Between medium and well-done, the meat has a small amount of pink at the center.

Rare: Meat cooked only on the outside, with a cold red center and a soft density.

Weber Spirit 200/300 Series Stainless Steel Gas Grill Rotisserie

Rotisserie: A large skewer designed to be turned manually or mechanically, suspending a large cut of meat over a heat source for cooking.

Rub: Seasoning, salt, pepper and other dry ingredients blended together to be shaken or rubbed into the surface of meat before grilling.

Sauce brush: Much like a paint brush, but designed for sauces and marinates. Made with wood and horsehair, metal and silicone, or other plastics.

Skewer: Made of wood or metal, this is a long thin bar with a pointed end to spear meat and vegetables for grill cooking.

Smoker: A grill that flavors and cooks or preserves food by exposing it to the smoke from burning plant material, usually wood.

Tank: Gas grills may be powered by refillable or disposable propane tanks as an alternative to gas plumbing.

Minden Grills Deluxe Stainless Steel Tool Set

Tools: Knives, tongs, turners, brushes, and other grilling accessories designed for use outdoors, with a residential or commercial grill.

Vents: Holes or slots cut strategically into a grill lid and/or sides to allow air flow control related to fire intensity.

Well-done: Meat cooked to a firm consistency and appears gray-brown throughout.

Wood chips and chunks: Used in grilling, certain types of wood add desirable flavors to meat, including cedar, cherry, hickory, and others.

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