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Electric Fireplaces Buying Guide

Green Heat with Dimplex Electric Fireplaces

dimplex symphoney wall mounted fireplace


Are you on a mission to make your home energy efficient from top to bottom? You’ll definitely want to convert your original brick fireplace, or even an older electric fireplace, to a modern, power-lean Dimplex electric fireplace.


Have you never had a fireplace? You should still consider it an environmentally friendly option to incorporate a Dimplex electric fireplace into your décor. Many require little to no installation. Select a flat panel picture-style model and simply hang your fireplace where you want it. Choose a rechargeable battery-operated model you won’t have even a cord to fiddle with.


LED bulbs are available in many Dimplex electric fireplace designs. These bulbs (or Light Emitting Diodes) provide vivid, colorful light, yet they use much less energy and last exponentially longer than their incandescent predecessors. Although LEDs became popular as Christmas lights, they have become available in fireplaces as well. Look for LEDs if you’re interested in a zero-maintenance Dimplex electric fireplace.


A Dual Purpose Dimplex TV Stand

If you’re the sort of person who wants smart practicality from every appliance and piece of furniture, you’re going to love the idea of a Dimplex TV stand fireplaces. This clever fireplace does double-duty supporting your television while providing the character of a cozy fire. For maximum value, look for models with cabinets and shelving to acquire some of the storage space you might find with a larger entertainment center.


When you have a Dimplex TV stand, the only drawback could be the attention garnered by the life-like flames and firewood. Keep the focus on your movie, sports game, or television show by switching the fire off altogether. Or flick off the television and enjoy an engaging fireside conversation instead. The choices are yours with all the action close at hand.


A Dimplex Wall Mounted Fireplace Anywhere

Maybe you’re looking for a more subdued accent piece. The impressive presence of a Dimplex TV stand or large mantel fireplace isn’t for everyone, or for every room, and you’ll find a selection of Dimplex wall mounted fireplace designs that vary accordingly.


Choices include frames of traditional wood and crown molding, antiqued copper, brushed aluminum, matte black, and many more. A Dimplex wall mounted fireplace can also feature contemporary materials like a bed of pebbles or layers of sand that make for an eye-catching design feature.


Having a fireplace recessed into your wall is a clever space saving solution. But a Dimplex wall mounted fireplace can go one step further with narrower designs that fit into small accent walls, corners, and even pillars. Many of these fireplaces operate with or without heat, so you can either increase a room’s temperature, or in warmer spaces and seasons, feel free to continue enjoying your fireplace in comfort.


With a Dimplex electric fireplace, your choices in form, function, or a combination of both may leave you wanting the elegance of a subtle flame in every room in your home. Unless budget reins you in, you might literally be able to have a fireplace behind every door.

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