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Daybeds Buying Guide

Designer Hillsdale Daybeds Reinvent Your Décor

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Your opinion of daybeds is about to change. Maybe you’ve always pictured their simple metal frames in children’s rooms or basements. Or perhaps you thought a cottage or cabin is the best home for a daybed. Hillsdale daybeds bring sophisticated contemporary design to a tried-and-true piece of furniture.


Once you start browsing Hillsdale daybed furniture, you’ll start thinking about adding a daybed to your own home. Even if you thought you’d never want a daybed, you’ll be amazed at the modern design influences and elegant finishes of today’s daybeds.


Hillsdale Daybeds with Trundles


You’ve been considering your options for accommodating more overnight guests, but a daybed that sleeps one isn’t going to cut it. Queen and full-size beds take up too much room. Even a twin bed is limited to one purpose – sleeping. You’ve looked at convertible sofas, futons, and folding cots, but nothing caught your eye. Your space is valuable and you need your furniture to do double duty, but you want more heads in your bed too. It’s time to think about a Hillsdale daybed with trundle bed.


Never heard of a trundle? It’s a handy second bed that slips underneath your daybed when not in use. Daybed trundles are great solutions for maximizing small rooms, but you’ll want to keep in mind that you’ll be giving up the option to use space under the bed for storage purposes.


Before you decide, ask yourself who will most often be a guest in your home. Do you anticipate mostly couples? Or are you making room for children? While a convertible sofa is a great way to host a couple while achieving versatility in your furniture, it might not be the best solution for children that would complain about sharing a bed. A daybed with a trundle could be your answer.


Daybeds with trundles are also a great choice for smaller teen bedrooms. If you live with a teen in an urban or compact space, his or her bedroom may not have much room to play with. Choosing a daybed with a trundle for your teen serves 3 purposes: a primary bed at night, seating during the day, and sleepover space for a friend or houseguest. With a trundle, your teen can comfortably host a friend or cousin without hassle or discomfort.


Traditional Daybeds Won’t Let You Down


Maybe you didn’t really want to overhaul your image of daybeds. For a taste of the past with the construction quality of new furniture, you’ll be pleased to find traditional designs that look like the daybed you grew up with. Hillsdale daybed beds offer basic models to sate your need for nostalgia.


Perhaps the affordability of a daybed is what you remember. If a smaller price tag is what has you thinking of a Hillsdale daybed, you won’t be disappointed. But remember, the models that are listed with the most affordable prices usually include the bed frame only. Larger price tags for simple daybeds may include a mattress as well. If you need to purchase both the daybed bed frame and mattress, see if the model of frame you want is available bundled with a mattress for a combined lower cost.

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