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Chicago Lighthouse Octagon Mahogany Frame Clock



(36% OFF)

Elegant 12" mahogany octagon hardwood clock features a white dial face with Roman numerals, brass sweep second hand and glass crystal with bezel. Wall clock uses one AA battery (sold separately). Gene...
Chicago Lighthouse Radio Controlled Clock



(50% OFF)

Atomic wall clock is radio-controlled so the setting is modified each day to that of the atomic clock, accurate to one second per million years. The clock automatically adjusts to Daylight Saving Time...
Chicago Lighthouse Contemporary SelfSet Wall Clock



(37% OFF)

SelfSet Clock is programmed to change for Daylight Savings in your area. Clock requires no radio signal so it's ideal for hard-to-reach areas of a building. The shatter-resistant lens is UV-protected....
Chicago Lighthouse 13.75 Quartz Contract Clock



(38% OFF)

Quartz clock features a high-impact black case; easy-to-read, white dial; and shatter-resistant, clear crystal lens with UV protection. The clock face offers a 12" diameter. Clock includes hanging har...
Chicago Lighthouse Electric Wall Clock



(33% OFF)

Round wall clock features a 14-1/2" black frame, 12-3/4" UV-protected lens and white face. Design includes black Arabic numbers, a black hour hand, black minute hand and red second hand. Wall clock ha...
Chicago Lighthouse Flat Rim Wall Clock



(35% OFF)

14-1/2" Contemporary Quartz Wall Clock features a UV-protected lens, black hour, minute and second hand, and a designer white 12-3/4" dial with black Arabic numerals in a silver contoured plastic case...
Chicago Lighthouse 67400603 Wall Clock



(33% OFF)

Self-set Clock is ideal for a large room. Clock is programmed to change for Daylight Savings without the benefit of a radio signal. Design also features a white dial with large Arabic numerals, black ...
Chicago Lighthouse Designer Wall Clock



(34% OFF)

14" clock features Quartz movement for accurate time-keeping. The shatter-resistant lens is UV-protected. Contemporary design features a silver frame, white dial, black numerals, black hour and minute...
Chicago Lighthouse 14.5" Selfset Wall Clock



(38% OFF)

Wall clock automatically adjusts for Daylight Saving Time without the need for a radio signal. UV-protected lens prevents discoloring from sunlight. Large, Arabic numerals create an elegant look that ...
Chicago Lighthouse 16.5" Atomic Wall Clock



(43% OFF)

16-1/2" wall clock features an elegant white dial with easy-to-read, large numbers to tell time quickly from a distance. This contemporary clock ensures reliable accuracy by automatically matching the...
Chicago Lighthouse Contemporary Atomic Wall Clock



(37% OFF)

Contemporary atomic clock is ideal for your large work space, where accuracy is a must. Radio-controlled movement corrects time each day, and changes hour hand in Spring and Fall automatically. Design...
Chicago Lighthouse Chicago Lighthouse Workstation Wall Clock



(56% OFF)

Wall clock features cubicle mounting tape that strongly adheres to partitions without damaging fabric. Clock offers a high-impact case with Slimline design, easy-to-read white dial face and clear crys...