Breakroom Appliances

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Rubbermaid 5-Gallon Water Cooler



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Water cooler features a durable construction that resists scratching, denting and fading and is made from durable, crack-resistant and long-life polyethylene. Well-insulated design keeps beverages col...
Genuine Joe 20L Cabinet Freestanding Water Cooler



(30% OFF)


This freestanding water cooler appeals to preferences of everyone in your office by dispensing cold water, hot water and even room-temperature water with a simple push of a button. These buttons are l...
SourcingPartner Little Luxury Mini Water Cooler



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Mini water cooler filters and cools standard tap water to provide crisp, refreshing water. Simply fill the 1.85-gallon, BPA-free bottle and place in the cooler to easily prepare the water cooler. Filt...