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Jaxx Bean BagThey’re a classic.  Bean bag chairs came to our living and rec. rooms in the ’60s, and although their popularity has waxed and waned over the decades since, this unique seating option continues to have a certain appeal to this day.  Beanbags are the epitome of casual seating and are incorporated into spaces ranging from kids’ play rooms to modern living areas that strive for a touch of laid-back chic.

Accordingly, you could have any one of a number of reasons for considering a bean bag chair.  Many of us can relate when we see the enthusiasm with which kids flop onto them, remembering the sprawl-out appeal they had for us when we were that age.  So whether it’s a pair for the youngsters or a more decor-savvy choice for yourself, you’ve come to the right place here at BeanBagSelect and we’ll happily share a few suggestions to assist you in making your choice.


 The area of your home and its environment is a primary consideration to be taken into account when looking at a bean bag chair.  This will commonly allow you to narrow down your choices based on:

  •  Material
  •  Style

If the chair is to be a fixture of an area such as a recreation or games room, it is likely it will be frequented by children and young guests to the home.  A more durable vinyl or leather exterior bean bag is more practical in this instance on account of the rough-n-tumble and spill-happy nature of children at play.  While the style of the bag will not be so rigidly dictated by this environment, many of these durable-exterior bean bags offer playful themes like sports, cartoon characters and the like that may make them all the more appealing to your little ones.

Should the bag be intended as an addition to the living area or any other more adult-oriented space, naturally there will be greater freedom as to its material and style.  Do keep in mind, however, that it’s being located aside higher traffic areas in any space will expose it to greater wear-and-tear risks.  As well, look into the effect prolonged exposure to sunlight may have on the finish of your beanbag depending on its material and locate it accordingly.

Of course, a bean bag’s ease of movement is an attractive characteristic as it can be re-located continuously as you see fit to find an optimum or temporary location.

Space Concerns

Space concerns when incorporating a bean bag chair can be two-fold:

  • Overall available space in the room
  • Layout of the room

Once you have an understanding of your freedoms and limitations based on these criteria, you will be able to again narrow down your choices based on the size and orientation of the bean bags. 

Lounger bean bags have the appeal of being able to seat two persons comfortably and are great for lovebirds.  However, they are expansive and space-consuming.  Be sure you are layout-conscious and have the available space to work one into your room before deciding on a lounger.

If the traditional round shape of most bean bags does not work for your layout, look at a cocoon bag, pillow sac bag, or bull bean bag chair.  Video bags and banana bags can be a consideration as well, but are primarily designed for gamers and / or sports viewers.

Not to be forgotten, the traditional round bean bag chair is not only a classic, but does offer a particular convenience for which it receives little acclaim.  Persons are able sit anywhere 360 degrees on its surface, and this freedom is something you can utilize by moving your bag into the center of the room for social gatherings.  Lounger bags have this appeal as well. 


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