BDI Avion Noir Series II Triple-Wide Cabinet TV Stand in Black

Extra images showing optional Arena TV mount and speaker mount

Extra images showing optional Arena TV mount and speaker mount

Extra images showing optional Arena TV mount and speaker mount

BDI Avion Noir Series II Triple-Wide Cabinet TV Stand in Black

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Dimensions: 22.5"H x 65"W x 22"D
Product Weight: 250 lbs

Product Features

Named one of the "Best Buys" in Flat Panel TV Mounts and Stands by Consumers Digest Magazine!

The BDI Avion Noir Series II Triple-wide enclosed cabinet TV Stand brings all the features you expect from BDI and their Avion series stand but in a sleek black look.

Featuring gray tinted doors and and a slick finished top this stand is perfect for your LCD and Plasma televisions. Add to that a front panel able to convert to a center speaker area with grille, this piece is versatile enough for your needs and gives an impact to your livingroom decor.


  • Constructed of Engineered wood
  • Low profile top shows a much thinner, sleeker profile above the doors.
  • Linear handles with Center to center hole so that other handles can be substituted if desired by the consumer.
  • No Holes in the Top. As the new Arena Flat Panel Mount attaches from the rear of the cabinet, no holes are necessary in the top panel.
  • Each Avion has two legs and a pair of beams for a cleaner, sleek look. The legs and beams are handcrafted from stainless steel. The stainless steel features a durable satin finish and provides for a rock solid cabinet structure.
  • Large grey-tinted tempered glass windows allow for more efficient use of IR Remotes.
  • Larger speaker grilles enhance the performance of center channel or satellite speakers.
  • Large diameter wheels minimize rolling resistance on thick or heavily padded carpeting
  • Soft-close Hinges with the addition of an integrated slow close mechanism. This provides for superior dampening of the door and prevents slamming.
  • Large open cable management
  • Deep Drawer holding a 7.6” tall speaker (An 8.25” tall speaker will fit in the slot with the drawer removed)
  • Cables route out the drawer back to simplify connections. Cable connectors are delivered automatically to back access hole during installation.
  • A lower divider and back allow much easier access to back row of DVDs and drawer divider is screwed into place from the side so that it won’t pull up.
  • All back panels are now finished in black, which allows components to disappear (as most components are also black)
  • Arena Mount Compatibility: The new Arena Flat Panel Mount is a major upgrade to Avion Series II and our other applicable cabinets. See the following section.  
  • Ships assembled

September 2009 - The BDI Avion Series (models 8937 and 8927)  had been recognized as best buys in the Flat Panel TV Mounts and Stands division by Consumers Digest magazine in their October 2009 issue. 

Excerpt taken from page 42 following:

"This model delivers the best combination of good looks, sturdy design, and features of any stand that we considered.  It's the only unit that we found that has wheels that are concealed in the leg assembly, which allows this stand to be rolled away from the wall, for instance, to access cables and wires.  This unit has the most advanced cable-management system that we found - and includes two rear panels that slide, which allows the cables to hide between them..."



Product Details

SKU: 8937
TV Stand 22.5"H x 65"W x 22"D 250.00 lbs
Collection: Avion Series II

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