BDI Avion II Quad-Wide Cabinet TV Stand in Chocolate Stained Walnut

BDI Avion II Quad-Wide Cabinet TV Stand in Chocolate Stained Walnut

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Dimensions: 22.5"H x 77"W x 22"D
Product Weight: 207 lbs

Product Features


The BDI Avion II Quad-wide enclosed cabinet TV Stand is the perfect center for a large home theater system. Featuring a wide base and center cabinet capable of holding a speaker, this piece has tons of storage for your components and all the management features you need for a clean looking centerpiece for your living room.

  • Constructed of Engineered wood
  • Low profile top shows a much thinner, sleeker profile above the doors
  • Linear handles with Center to center hole so that other handles can be substituted if desired by the consumer
  • No Holes in the Top. As the new Arena Flat Panel Mount attaches from the rear of the cabinet, no holes are necessary in the top panel
  • Each Avion has two legs and a pair of beams for a cleaner, sleek look. The legs and beams are handcrafted from stainless steel. The stainless steel features a durable satin finish and provides for a rock solid cabinet structure
  • Large grey-tinted tempered glass windows allow for more efficient use of IR Remotes
  • Larger speaker grilles enhance the performance of center channel or satellite speakers
  • Large diameter wheels minimize rolling resistance on thick or heavily padded carpeting
  • Soft-close Hinges with the addition of an integrated slow close mechanism. This provides for superior dampening of the door and prevents slamming
  • Large open cable management
  • Deep storage drawer holding a 7.6” tall speaker (An 8.25” tall speaker will fit in the slot with the drawer removed)
  • Cables route out the drawer back to simplify connections. Cable connectors are delivered automatically to back access hole during installation
  • A lower divider and back allow much easier access to back row of DVDs and drawer divider is screwed into place from the side so that it won’t pull up
  • All back panels are now finished in black, which allows components to disappear (as most components are also black)
  • Arena Mount Compatibility: The new Arena Flat Panel Mount is a major upgrade to Avion Series II and our other applicable cabinets
  • Ships assembled



Product Details

SKU: 8929 CWL
TV Stand 22.5"H x 77"W x 22"D 207.00 lbs
Collection: Avion Series II

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